Marcel Giró


Exposition des Arts Brésiliens

Musée Ethnographie Neuchâtel. Octobre 1954 - Mars 1955

Foto-Cine Clube Bandeirante at the Exhibition of
Brazilian Art Exhibition in Neuchatel

One of the most important and complete exhibitions of Brazilian art ever to cross our borders was held from November to March at the Museum of Ethnography in Neuchatel, Switzerland, on the initiative of our diplomatic authorities in that country, opening the new phase of activities of that important institution. The exhibition included sections on Architecture, Painting, Sculpture, Engraving, Drawing and Photography, as well as a folklore section, through which visitors could come into contact with primitive and modern Brazilian art.
Brazil. During the exhibition, numerous lectures, screenings, etc. were given by well-known artists and critics from both Brazil and other countries, enlightening the public about the aspects of the show and the evolution of the arts in Brazil.

Received by the specialized critics and the press with great enthusiasm, the exhibition was an extraordinary success, with the "Journal D'Yverdon" noting that "it is extremely difficult to describe in a few words what the exhibition means and the wonderful impression it makes on us, with the richness of its colors and the quality of the works and objects on display"...
This exhibition had the collaboration of the main artistic institutions in Brazil, such as the Museums of Modern Art in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, the Museum of Popular Art in Pernambuco, the "Musée de l'Homme" in Paris, the "Museo Etnografico Pigorini" in Rome, the "Instituto de Alta Cultura" in Lisbon, as well as other important institutions.

To represent Brazil in the Photography sector, the Foto-cine Clube Bandeirante was invited, which organized a collection with some of the best works by A. Moraes Barros, Antonio Ferreira, Aldo de Souza Lima, Alfio Trovato, Arnaldo M. Florence, Eduardo Ayrosa, Eduardo Salvatore, Eigirio Sato, Francisco Albuquerque, Geraldo de Barros, German Lorca, Ivo Ferreira da Silva, Jean Lecocq, José Mauro Pontes, Kazuo Kawahara, Marcel Giró, Renato Francesconi, Rubens Teixeira Scavone and Thomaz J. Farkas, in order to give the visiting public a clear idea of the great progress we have made in photographic art.