Marcel Giró


Éloge du vertige

Photographies de la collection Itaú, Brésil
Maison Européenne de la Photographie.
Paris, 18.01.2012 - 25.03.2012

In 2011, Itaú Cultural began circulating its collection. Thirteen exhibitions were held in seven cities in Brazil and in five countries, attracting over two hundred thousand people. Some images presented here were included in the exhibition "Moderna para Sempre" ( "Forever Modern") whose photographer Iatã Cannabrava was the curator.

This exhibition presents the experimental photography of the last sixty years in Brazil. It illustrates the ability of this country to absorb and transform any foreign contribution. It also reflects its rich political history during this wide half-century and reveals, over complex mazes, an abundant artistic expression which today places Brazil among the major artistic creation of clusters in the field of photography .

Curator: Eder Chiodetto, assisted by Marie Hippenmeyer

The exhibition is organized with the support of the Itaú Cultural Institute.

Julio Agostinelli • Gertrudes Altschul • Claudia Andujar • Rafael Assef • Geraldo de Barros • Cris Bierrenbach • Luiz Braga • Rodrigo Braga • Tony Camargo • André Carneiro • João Castilho • Lucilio Correa Leite Júnior • Mario Cravo Neto • Claudio Edinger • Edouardo Enfeldt • Thomaz Farkas • Marcel Giró • Cao Guimarães • Dora Longo Bahia • German Lorca • Odires Mlászho • Ademar Manarini • Rubens Mano • Guilherme Maranhão • Marepe • Vicente de Mello • Vik Muniz • Eustáquio Neves • José Oiticica Filho • Paulo Pires • Georges Radó • Rosângela Rennó • Miguel Rio Branco • Breno Rotatori • Eduardo Salvatore • Marcelo Silveira • Lucas Simões • Rubens Teixeira Scavone • Rodrigo Torres • Cássio Vaconcellos • Marcia Xavier • José Yalenti •

Éloge du vertige