Marcel Giró


Portrait. 1950-1970

"I went with him, now and then, on his weekend excursions in search of pure photography. With his experimentation, outside his studio and outside of his advertising work. These urban expeditions were veritable lessons in photography and I will never forget what I learnt: the composition, the elegance, the cropping– the basis of my photography at the present time.

I remember perfectly the day that he took the photograph of the girl and the dove. I was his assistant (after months of being the assistant-of-the-assistant-of-the-assistant). The way he portrayed people always impressed me. the energy that he put there at the moment the picture was taken was magic, surprising. I learnt from him the importance of the position of the hands in a portrait, the elegance of the posture, the moment when the right expression is captured that will give the desired impression."

JR Duran

"... And there were portraits. The ritual, the posture, the expression, the direction, but especially and always a visual conversation on the days previous to the polaroid test based on that characteristic which was to be the greatest loss of the digital era: the ability to previsualise. To know what was being done and leave the surprise in the dark room to the technical part alone (exposition, focus, colour, etc.) since the rest of it − which in itself is everything − had already been subjected to his implacable gaze."

Marcio Scavone