Marcel Giró


A fotografia moderna no Brasil

Helouise Costa, Renato Rodrigues da Silva
Cosac-Naify. Sao Paulo, 2004

From the 1940s, the Brazilian photography scene would be shaken by the experimentalism of many of its representatives. Until then exclusively adept at pictorialism, photography now embraces other tendencies, seen in abstraction, in the breaking of rules of perspective and composition, and in urban and cosmopolitan settings, the true essence of art.

A Fotografia Moderna no Brasil (Cosac Naify) by Helouise Costa and Renato Rodrigues da Silva, rescues part of this legacy, in a capricious edition with 95 illustrations representing the greatest photographers of the time, among them Geraldo de Barros, Ademar Manarini, Gaspar Gasparian, Marcel Giró, Rubens Scavone and Thomaz Farkas. 

224 pg.
24x17,5 cm
ISBN 978-85-7503-342-5