Marcel Giró


27 November 2015

Opening of the exhibition "Do arquivo à Rede" in São Paulo's MASP

Works of Marcel Giró and Palmira Puig participate in the exhibition Do Arquivo à Rede, at the MASP, in São Paulo.

Toni Ricart, manager of the work and the rights of Marcel Giró attended the opening, where he met the great German Lorca, the last survivor of the Paulista school, as well as Marcio Scavone and JR Duran, two excellent photographers who began their careers working as Giró assistants in the '60s.

  • MASP
  • German Lorca, Marcio Scavone
  • Marcio Scavone, Toni Ricart
  • Toni Ricart, German Lorca
  • Toni Ricart, JR Duran