Marcel Giró


21 September 2016

Seven works by Marcel Giró at the exhibition Moderna para Sempre in Rio de Janeiro

 Moderna para Sempre at Paço Imperial, Rio de Janeiro, from September 22nd to November 20th 2016.

The exhibition comes to Rio de Janeiro with three newly photos incorporated into the collection, which add up to over 132 images of masters as Cariocas José Oiticica Filho and Osmar Peçanha, and others like Thomaz Farkas, Geraldo de Barros, German Lorca, Marcel Giró; together they form a rare panorama of the photo club movement in the country, from the 1940s; the next opening week, the curator of the show Iatã Cannabrava and curator of MoMA, New York, Sarah Meister, will receive the public for a chat about modern photography.

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Marcel Giró. Botellas, 1950