Marcel Giró


04 November 2018

Rocío SantaCruz exhibits Marcel Giró and Palmira Puig at Paris Photo 2108

This year the Barcelona based gallery  ROCÍO SANTA CRUZ exhibits photographs by Marcel Giró and Palmira Puig at the international photography fair  PARIS-PHOTO 2018.

From November 8th to 11th, at the Grand Palais in Paris.

It is the first time that Palmira Puig's work is exhibited in Europe.

Palmira Puig (1912-1978) wife of Marcel Giró, represented an essential point of reference in all Giró's work, both in his artistic production and in all the advertising work that came out of the Estúdio Giró in Sao Paulo during the 60s and early 70s.

The photographic work of Palmira Puig (also known in Brazil as Palmira Giró) is inscribed in the aesthetics of the escuela Paulista, pioneers of Brazilian modern photography of the 50s.