Marcel Giró


Modernist Photography
(Subjective photography)

“ The modern experience of the Foto Cine Clube Bandeirante was enriched by the participation of the Catalan photographer Marcel Giró. He became a member of the club in 1950, and he was active there for more than twenty years. Giró wholly took on board photography as a visual exercise, opening up the field of modern sensitivity to an exhaustive investigation of nature and the possibility of showing how abstraction can arise from the commonest of scenes. His vision is extremely generous.
As reafirming of the figurative as they are, his photographs also remind us of abstraction. It is not pure form, it is not realism, thus Giró’s work gives rise to ambiguity.What enriches Marcel Giró’s work is his playing with the ambiguity between figurativeness and abstraction.

The eye of the observer is obliged to run over the photographs anxiously, shifting from the material object to its formal components plastically emphasised and vice versa, and so on successively. In the end — which can also be a new beginning — the photography will remain integral in its irreductible individuality, defying us with a new rational contribution to our gaze...”

Helouise Costa, Renato Rodrigues da Silva.
A fotografia moderna no Brasil (Cosac-Naify, São Paulo, 2004)