Marcel Giró


19 February 2019

Success of the exhibition "Palmira Puig-Giró, photographer" at the Barcelona gallery RocíoSantaCruz

The exhibition, which closes on March 16, is a success as reflected in the influx of visitors and the echo in the Barcelona and state medias. 


03 February 2019

Palmira Puig´s first exhibition in Spain, at the RocíoSantaCruz gallery in Barcelona

 On January 31st, the exhibition "Palmira Puig-Giró, Photographer" was inaugurated in the RocioSantaCruz gallery, composed of about seventy images, including vintage prints, contact sheets and Reprints. In addition to the photographs signed and attributed to Palmira Puig, it incorporates some of the most beautiful portraits that Marcel made of Palmira and she of him. And also some photographs captured with the same camera and the same photographic reel. Of these we can not affirm the author ...

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10 November 2018

Paris Photo 2018. Rocío SantaCruz exhibits outstanding authors of the "escola paulista"

In addition to photographs by Marcel Giró and Palmira Puig, the Barcelona based gallery has exhibited works by Rubens Teixeira Scavone and German Lorca, two other representatives of Brazilian modern photography of the 50s.



Marcio Scavone and Rubens Fernandes Junior in front of works by Rubens Teixeira Scavone