Marcel Giró


07 August 2018

Galeria da Gávea exhibits Marcel Giró at SP-ARTE/FOTO

Galeria da Gávea vintage Photographies by Isabel Amado is a selection of rare vintage photographs, from the authors Ademar Manarini (1920 - 1989), Gertrudes Altschul (1904 - 1962) Paulo Pires (1928 - 2015), Marcel Giró (1913 - 2011), Mario Fiori (1908 - 1985) and Eduardo Salvatore (1914 - 2006), photographers who worked in the Bandeirante Photocineclube and are considered creators of the modern photography movement in Brazil, a trend that revolutionized the artistic production of the 1950s and gave rise to the call "Escola Paulista de Fotografia", recognized and celebrated by museums and collections in Brazil and abroad.

Galeria da Gávea extends its performance at the SP-ARTE / FOTO fair with space dedicated to vintage photography, a genuine process of photography, affirming the commitment to aesthetic rigor and permanent research work in the history of modern and contemporary photography. With expertise, he brings to the public and to the market rare jewels, research results in the collections of Luiz Braga (1956) and Antonio Augusto Fontes (1948).