Marcel Giró


31 March 2020

Fundació Vila Casas. Toni Ricart Giró interview

While the exhibitions of the Vila Casas Foundation continue in the dark due to the confinement, they are brought home to you hoping to see the light again soon.

Over the next few days you will be able to share the opinions of some of the artists, curators or people directly related to each of the current exhibitions at the Foundation's spaces. This series of interviews begins with Toni Ricart Giró, nephew and manager of the artistic legacy of Marcel Giró i Palmira Puig, protagonists of the exhibition Saudades de Sao Paulo that was inaugurated at the Palau Solterra Museum last February.

Entrevista a Toni Ricart Giró from Fundació Vila Casas on Vimeo.