Marcel Giró


04 June 2021

multistudio BOOKS publishes a collection of photographs reproductions by Marcel Giró and Palmira Puig

multistudio BOOKS presents its new collection "12 PRINTS" with a limited edition of packs with 12 reproductions of different artists, among them Marcel Giró and Palmira Puig.

27 May 2021

"Composição branco e preto" by Marcel Giró, for Ken Miller´s PICTURES.

We have ceded Marcel Giró's photograph "Composição branco e preto" for the book PICTURES, by editor and curator Ken Miller, published by There.
PICTURES gathers works from the 19th to the 21st century focused on an abstract vision of photography.

Ken Miller's website
PICTURES is available in the US from Import News and in Europe from Antenne.

08 May 2021

German Lorca, the last survivor of the Escuela Paulista dies at 98 years old

German Lorca died in Sao Paulo last May 8, at the age of 98. Lorca was the last living representative of the group of photographers from the FCCB who revolutionized modern photography in Brazil in the 50's. A great photographer who leaves us an extensive and high quality work. May he rest in peace.

Foto: Toni Ricart Giró